GDSN and Commerce solutions combined.


Consistent, accurate and rich product content across all channels including Google and Bing


Complete and accurate product data verified by the Product Content Cloud


Time savings - export and validate single source product data.


Allow visibility into new products AutoZone may not be selling.


Edgenet resources are available to help you through activation, onboarding, and data collection

[fa icon="plus-square"] I am a VDP only vendor or mostly supply AZ customers via VDP. Do I need to sign up for GDSN data pool?
Yes. GDSN is logistics data for shipping an item from point A to point B. Even though you are shipping direct to a store or customer, AutoZone still needs to collect item setup data for logistics purposes and for items to go into Edgenet PCc maintenance mode, awaiting any changes to item data.  AutoZone is using Edgenet PCc for one source of item data.
[fa icon="plus-square"] I currently use another GDSN Provider. Do I have to switch?
You do not have to switch, but financially, it may be advantageous to switch, even if you have additional endpoints receiving GDSN data. Please contact Edgenet for assistance, and switch all your items over easily and quickly.
[fa icon="plus-square"] I am currently enrolled with Edgenet. Do I need to cancel my account and re-enroll?
Please wait to re-enroll with Edgenet until after your current Edgenet contract expires.  AutoZone has a record of when your current Edgenet PCc Agreement expires.  Your AZ Category Manager should also contact you to update your vendor agreement with the new Supplier Content allowance which will start after your current Edgenet PCc contract expires.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What if I am a vendor that had multiple accounts in Edgenet but combined those into one account, am I going to be billed multiple times from AutoZone?
The combined Purchase Order Vendor (POV) numbers that are billed at 0.1% should not exceed the $45K cap AutoZone has set.  If you see this cap is going to be exceeded, please notify your Category Manager to be sure this is corrected.
[fa icon="plus-square"] I was asked to enter all of my items into Edgenet. Will I be charged if I haven’t switched over to AutoZone billing yet?
No. Current Edgenet PCc vendors, whether being billed from Edgenet or AutoZone, are not charged for entering additional items. You can enter unlimited items.
[fa icon="plus-square"] I have other endpoints (receivers of data) in Edgenet PCc. How does that work?
You will not be charged for AutoZone items. Edgenet will continue to bill you for items being published to other receivers of GDSN and Marketing Data Pools (except Google and Bing).
[fa icon="plus-square"] If I am a Vendor Rep, do I need to take the training for Supplier Portal and have credentials for Edgenet?

Take advantage of the Supplier Portal training if you plan to do any work in Edgenet PCc. The training is one hour for the GDSN Data Pool and one hour for the Marketing Data Pool. It is a live webinar offered nine times from Tuesday through Thursday. Even if you don’t plan to use Edgenet PCc work yourself, it is a good idea to be familiar with the work your vendor will be doing. If you want to have one username and password for multiple vendors, contact Edgenet and request that be setup for you. Edgenet will ask for an approval email from each vendor (verifying you as the Rep) to add you with the same credentials.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Will my product data be secure?
Yes. Using PCc is far more secure than using email to send pricing sheets. Edgenet sends data via AS2 and SFTP protocols — a current and high standard for data security.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Who else uses Product Content Cloud?
Data Recipients include: ACME Tools, Tighton Tools & Fasteners, Fastenal, Ferguson, True Value, Google, and Bing, to name a few.  Additionally, Edgenet is continually growing the network and will be adding several new Data Recipients in the very near future
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is support from Edgenet included?
Yes. Edgenet will assist you in getting your account activated, training on using the software, importing your items, and will help anytime you need assistance.